'Stories From The Lockdown' Album Cover

Hand-inked illustration for musician Giles Read. The album is about challenges and hope in a Covid-19 world. The artwork symbolises the songs and situation that the music was made in.

Barbarian Hermit 'Grave Boat' Illustration

Hand-inked illustration for the band Barbarian Hermit, prepared for printed merchandise. 5 Wolves for 5 Hermits.

'Follow The Archie' Logo

Hand-drawn character logo for Twitter and YouTube channel ‘Follow The Archie,’ designed to inform the public and raise awareness about archaeology. 

Aztec Chacmool Illustration

Illustrations for a printed publication on Aztec archaeology by Dr Elizabeth Baquedano, University College London. The images depict a Chacmool used for sacrificial offerings.

Electric Pedals Brand Logo

Company logo design for Electric Pedals who specialise in events and workshops using electricity created from cycling. Their work brings people together though art, science and education.

Juliet Elliott Brand Logo

Logo design for the multi-discipline cyclist, journalist, British cycling coach and editor of ‘Bikes N Stuff’ blog Juliet Elliott. Juliet has been named one of Bike Biz’s ‘Most Influential Women In Cycling’ and a ‘Woman To Watch’ by YouTube.

Seabass Cycles 'Island' Illustration

Hand-inked illustration for Seabass Cycles advertising promotion. The image celebrates the local businesses and community of Peckham, London.

Barbarian Hermit 'Thulsa Doom' T-shirt Design

T-shirt design for the band Barbarian Hermit to coincide with their 2018 album release. The image features the Robert E. Howard character ‘Thulsa Doom’ who has the ability to transform into a giant reptile.

Seabass Cycles Brand Logo

Logo for Seabass Cycles bicycle shops, used across all company branding including website, social media, advertising, store signage and merchandise.

The Cro's Nest Recording Studio Logo

Logo for The Cro’s Nest recording studio designed to show the punk, metal and synth music styles recorded there. The Cro-Magnon Man skull symbolises the studio’s name taken from the band Cro-Mags.

Soundbwoy-Seez Logo

Logo for the hip-hop artist Soundbwoy-Seez inspired by hip-hop, reggae and world music. The design has been used for album artwork, marketing, social media and merchandise.

Atomic Trip Band Logo

Hand-drawn logo for French rock band Atomic Trip used for album cover artwork, social media and printed merchandise.

Bad Kush 'Yum-Yum' T-shirt Design

Graphic design for the band Bad Kush prepared for print. The image has featured on T-shirts and stickers.

Superhot Records Record Label Logo

Hand-drawn logo for independent record label Superhot Records. The hot amplifier valve symbolises the sound and style of the label’s bands.

The Church Of Techno Record Label Logo

Logo design for independent dance music label The Church Of Techno. The golden spiral from the Fibonacci sequence is shown in it’s simplest form to symbolise the client’s interest in mathematics, symbolism, sigils and the number 3.

'Subcutaneous Fat' Gig Poster Design

Hand-inked gig poster illustration for the first ‘Subcutaneous Fat’ live music show at The Constitution, Camden, London.

Words Mean Everything Music Production Logo

Logo design for the music production label Words Mean Everything specialising in hip-hop, reggae, dub and world music. The style was partly inspired by 90’s skateboard culture.

Chubby Thunderous Band Logo

Logo for the band Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters designed to capture the fun and energy of their live shows. It represents freedom, love, positivity and equality.

Treasure Of Woe Logo & Illustration

Hand-drawn custom font and EP cover artwork for the band Treasure Of Woe. The ancient driftwood illustration combines the 3 initials of the band’s name to create a sigil.

Seabass Cycles Blackboard Sign Art

A-Board designs for promotional advertising and signage at Seabass Cycles bicycle shops.

Arrakis Band Logo

Hand-drawn logo for the rock band Arrakis paying homage to their favourite brand of guitar amplifier.